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FPS offers one of a kind services for freelancers like yourself to help maintain credibility and high ranking without wasting your precious time and resources.

Every freelancer on the planet has dealt with unruly clients that have

the potential to cause an immense amount of stress.

Bad reviews can significantly impact your business and how you make money.

This is an absolutely UNFAIR dynamic that FPS seeks to balance, because your freelance business is your entire world.

Even if you try your hardest with a project, there are some clients that will give you a difficult time and possibly a bad review...

Just ONE review can damage your reputation! And disintegrate your chances of being hired.

FPS believes clients should be held accountable for their reviews and unfair actions with freelancers.

FPS seeks to solve this issue by offering access to our..

Conflict Resolution Experts to better understand situation and help you either remove review or incentivize client to work things out amicably

Full Service Legal Council to help provide guidance and help execute Cease and Desist letters on your behalf.

Best practices so you know exactly what to say during different scenarios and communication errors.

Greater network of freelancers around the world that will have your back and can help you with your issue.

Score and Rankings Assistance to increase your reputation on different platforms.

Library of freelance tools and templates.

Want to join us?

Due to restrictions, we are only able to handle 300 freelancers for the moment so please apply below.

To qualify you must have done over 50K in freelance earnings on one a major freelancing platform.



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© Copyright - All Rights Reserved